... is a mid/senior-level AV / digital media support, production coordination and corporate events specialist.  Progressive career skill set includes: live sound engineering (A1); audio set-up and reinforcement (A2); videoconferencing; video streaming, switching and presentation (V1/V2);  client / vendor liaison; site inspection; project management, on-site presentation support / supervision.

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AV / Digital Media Support, Corporate Event Services, Live Audio Mixing, AV Enhancement / Consultation, Videoconferencing, Streaming

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Photography / Raw Image Content, Tour & Project Management, Artist Booking & Logistics

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 "You can have tone and technique and a lot of other things but without originality, you ain't really nowhere."

- Lester Young

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Writing by Jeff Glovsky

In July 2014, The New Yorker published in its online edition, as part of its "Shouts & Murmurs" humor blog, a satirical piece called, Sonny Rollins:  In His Own Words ... which, because it was a satirical piece, in a humor blog, was in fact not written BY the great tenor saxophone colossus at all.

Unsurprising, the tight-knit, fiercely protective
jazz community (of which I consider myself a cosmic, small part) did not laugh ...

On Jazz and “Sonny Rollins” in The New Yorker ...

"And Jeff Jumps In":  a Prose Bopsody

On Donald Fagen's Eminent Hipsters:
a book review by Jeff Glovsky on

Jeff Glovsky

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