JEFF GLOVSKY (AVglov) is an AV / Presentation Support and Executive Service and Travel professional, with twenty-plus years of expertise in hotel, hospitality, Fortune 500, Tier 1 financial and live event settings.

He is also a photographer, whose idiosyncratic #PhotosByJglo can be seen across IG, VSCO, Behance, Saatchi Art and WordPress... as well the humble Tumblr, below.  

original compositions and images by jeff glovsky.
more photos by jglo? "jeff glovsky: the second set".
need a fuller 'picture'? jeff glovsky online.

<p>Photography by Jeff Glovsky</p><p>=<b> <a href="">Photo(s) by Jglo</a></b></p>

Photography by Jeff Glovsky

= Photo(s) by Jglo

<p>The Picasso Treatment</p><p><i>via </i><b><a href="">LunaPic</a></b></p><p><b><a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a></b> on <b><a href="">SaatchiArt</a>… GO!</b></p>

The Picasso Treatment

via LunaPic

Jeff Glovsky on SaatchiArt… GO!

<p>“Pray”</p><p>©<a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a><br/></p>


©Jeff Glovsky

tumblr photo tumblr photo
<p>Fall Sweeps<br/></p><p>©<a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a><br/></p>

Fall Sweeps

©Jeff Glovsky

<p>Ahead of the Pack</p><p>©<a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a></p><p><i><b>People watching</b> … (e)motion poetry … <a href=""><b>on </b></a></i><a href=""><b>Behance</b></a><br/></p>

Ahead of the Pack

©Jeff Glovsky

People watching … (e)motion poetry … on Behance

<p>Earth Day</p><p>©<a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a><br/></p>

Earth Day

©Jeff Glovsky

<p>(The) Mistake</p><p>©<a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a><br/></p>

(The) Mistake

©Jeff Glovsky

<p>One Direction (Freedom)</p>
<p>©<a href="" title="Though I am not #Charlie">Jeff Glovsky</a></p>

One Direction (Freedom)

©Jeff Glovsky

tumblr photo tumblr photo
<p>Study for “Christmas Blend”</p>
<p>©<a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a></p>

Study for “Christmas Blend”

©Jeff Glovsky

<p>©<a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a></p>


©Jeff Glovsky

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