Jeff Glovsky is an AV / presentation support and corporate services professional, with a background in live music as a tour manager and "Tonmensch" (sound engineer).  Dividing his time between Munich, Germany and New York City, Jeff also has an ear for writing and an eye for photography.  Below are some humble Photos by Jglo from Tumblr.


Jeff Glovsky (Photos By)


original compositions and images by jeff glovsky.
more photos by jglo? "jeff glovsky: the second set".
need a fuller 'picture'? jeff glovsky online.

<p>All the Hits!</p>
<p>©<a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a></p>

All the Hits!

©Jeff Glovsky

<p>(I’ll Be) Watching (You)</p>
<p>©<a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a></p>

(I’ll Be) Watching (You)

©Jeff Glovsky

<p>The Cameo (Hidden Selfie)</p>
<p>©<a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a></p>

The Cameo (Hidden Selfie)

©Jeff Glovsky

… I remember the sirens.


<p align="center"><strong>“Jeff Glovsky: The Second Set”</strong> turns One …</p>
<p><a href="" title="Huzzah"><img alt="" src=""/></a></p>
<p align="center"><a href=""><em><strong>Photos by Jglo</strong></em></a> on WordPress</p>

“Jeff Glovsky: The Second Set” turns One …

Photos by Jglo on WordPress

<p>Cinemagraph 1</p>
<p>©<a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a></p>

Cinemagraph 1

©Jeff Glovsky

<p>Playing, ©<a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a></p>
<p>… <a href="">with <strong>vi(m)eo</strong></a> a little …</p>

Playing, ©Jeff Glovsky

with vi(m)eo a little …

<p><a class="tumblr_blog" href="">jeffglovsky</a>:</p>
<p><em>Muse</em>-ical …</p>
<p>“Don’t Fret”, ©<a href="">Jeff Glovsky</a></p>


Muse-ical …

“Don’t Fret”, ©Jeff Glovsky

<p>The new <strong><em><a href="">Photos by Jglo</a></em></strong> photo blog, <a href=""><strong>Pic(k) of the Day</strong></a>.</p>
<p><a href="" title="Hope to See You"><img alt="" src=""/></a></p>

The new Photos by Jglo photo blog, Pic(k) of the Day.

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